Monday, December 19, 2016

Tomorrow we fly!

When I was in the LTM (Language Training Mission) over 41 years ago preparing to serve my first mission to Germany, that's how we missionaries referred to departing the LTM: Flying! It was a time every missionary looked forward to, and Sister Gray and I are are no exception – we are ready!

The MTC has been an amazing and spiritually uplifting experience. As with so many other great experiences in life, I found myself frequently saying, "I wish my kids could have been here for this" or "I wish my son or daughter could have heard that." That's how the good things in life are; when it happens to you, you want those you love to have it too.

That happened again tonight when we went to our usual Sunday evening devotional. To our surprise and joy, the devotional featured The Piano Guys! But this wasn't a typical Piano Guys "concert" as one might imagine, rather it was an evening filled with, yes, music, but also with the testimonies of all four Piano Guys members. Their music is powerful and entertaining, but it was their testimonies of the gospel that uplifted us and filled our souls! It was their words that taught us important principles about life and work and love. We thoroughly enjoyed it and came away even more dedicated to be missionaries worthy of our calling.

The MTC has been a great experience for Trish and me. It hasn't always been easy, but it has been consistently educational, motivating and most importantly, spiritually uplifting. We probably won't miss the food (except the chocolate milk), but we will miss the great people we have met here and the way we have felt being around all of these incredible young men and women who are preparing to serve their Heavenly Father.

But we are ready for Australia and ... tomorrow we fly!

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