Monday, December 12, 2016

Missionary Work is Amazing!

Sister Gray and I attended a Sunday Devotional tonight with all of the missionaries, both young and old, and were treated to a concert with the BYU Men's Chorus. The music was a combination of Christmas music and hymns and it was incredible!

Perhaps the highlight of the evening, however, was when the choir director asked a young Japanese missionary in the audience to stand. (He happened to be seated on our row just four seats down from us.)

Two young members of the choir then came forward and shared their experience:

They had been missionary companions in Japan four years ago and had met and taught this young Japanese boy the gospel. It took over a year of friendshipping and teaching by a multitude of missionaries, but eventually the young man joined the church. Now he is serving a mission himself.

The choir member (on the right in the photo) then shared his testimony of the experience, which I am paraphrasing. Speaking to to all of the young missionaries in attendance, he said:

"Missions are very hard; if anyone tells you otherwise, they are lying."

Then, pointing to the young Japanese Elder, he continued:

"But if I had to walk ten thousand miles, or knock on a thousand doors, it would have all been worth it to meet that man right there."

It was such an inspirational moment! To see the joy and love they had for each other, and watch their reunion, was an incredible experience we will never forget.

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